Something Shiny is a HTFF Break.

U oh, shiny object.



Quartz carries a box of diamonds and looks in it to find that one of the objects is missing.

Nearby, Ellie and Rolly engage in a rollerblading race. Rolly suddenly stops in the middle of the sidewalk to see a diamond on the ground, quickly getting mesmerized by it. Ellie knocks into her and is sent into the air. She gets her antlers lodged in a tree, leaving her stuck.

Just as Rolly picks up the diamond, a magpie steals it. Rolly climbs up to the bird's nest, which is filled with all kinds of shiny items. Unfortunately, the branch snaps and Rolly falls on top of Ellie, ripping off Ellie's head and crushing Rolly with the branch.

The diamond lands in Quartz's box. Quartz is pleased until the magpie attacks him trying to steal his possessions.


  1. Ellie's head comes off when Rolly lands on her.
  2. Rolly is crushed by the branch.
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