Sparkles is a HTFF character.

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

Character Bio

Sparkles is a purple bearcat with tons of glitter in her hair. She also wears a grey shirt with a diamond and rainbow, representing a light prism and by extension her bubbly personality.

Sparkles can be described as a personified ray of sunshine, which is ironic since she tends to be a night owl. She often carries around stickers that she likes to place on anything she sees as too dull. She also tends to use them in lieu of tape or band-aids, but with little good results. In a similar fashion, she has a habit of tossing glitter wherever she goes, causing distraction for others.

Sparkles loves everything cute, gushing over animals and becoming infatuated with boys. She can be overfriendly to an overbearing degree. If someone feels down, her solution is to - quite literally - brighten their day with one of her aforementioned paraphernalia, unwittingly annoying or even harming them as a result.

To a lesser extent, she has an interest in psychokinesis and fortune telling. At times she can be fooled into believing she has such powers.


Starring roles

Featuring roles



Kill count

  • Puffy - 1 ("Solaris Eclipsed")



  1. Solaris Eclipsed - Attacked by living stickers.


  • She was adopted from User:InsanitySins and was originally a bushbaby named Cyrus. Her new design was inspired from Thomas' first redesign.
  • She decorates herself with bright objects to make up for her messy fur and strong buttery smell.
  • She is the second bearcat character, after Nocturna.


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