Spot is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Spot is a blue-purple leopard seal with spots on his body and flippers for hands and feet. He also has one pointed tooth and wears a red-and-yellow ski hat.

His archenemy is Waddles the penguin. Like real leopard seals, he has a craving for penguin meat. More often than not, both of them would appear in the same episode and it would involve Spot trying to kill Waddles (or to a lesser extent, other penguin characters). Spot's plans often fail and he ends up being sadistically tortured and killed by Waddles.


Starring Roles

  1. Ice Screams
  2. Spippy
  3. Gone Ice Fishin'
  4. Freezer Burn
  5. Send Out the Clones
  6. Ice Runner
  7. Friendship Kringle
  8. Navy Seal
  9. Whale of a Tale
  10. Under the Ice
  11. Spot Wins
  12. Aurora Gory-alis
  13. Turning the Tables
  14. Spot and the Flop
  15. Magically Malicious
  16. Frost-Bitten
  17. Secret That's Been Spotted
  18. To Beach Their Own

Featuring Roles

  1. Treasure of Mold
  2. Better Early Than Ever
  3. Snow-Blinded
  4. The Big Save
  5. The Flippered Five
  6. Specieism
  7. Penguins Only
  8. Ozone, They Didn't!
  9. Mission ImPenguinable
  10. The Emperor's New Robe
  11. Happy Tree Feet
  12. The Poacher And Me
  13. Cabin into Blizzard
  14. Release the Savage
  15. Snow Warm Way
  16. Points To The Worse
  17. Claw the Way Out
  18. Within a Wheelchair
  19. Take Scare of It
  20. Penguinity War


  1. I Thaw That Coming
  2. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  3. Wild West Side
  4. You Can't Beach Me
  5. Chill Out
  6. Pole it Over
  7. Icee What You See
  8. Daredevil May Dare
  9. Contact Savaughn
  10. Belly Boom
  11. A Sailor's Gory
  12. The King is Dead
  13. Snow Where You're Going
  14. Cheat Codes


  1. Ice Screams - Squished into an ice cream tub.
  2. Spippy - Evaporated in an explosion.
  3. Treasure of Mold - Crushed by Shifty.
  4. Gone Ice Fishin - Eaten by an orca.
  5. The Right Side Of The Tracks - Sliced in half by a knife.
  6. Wild West Side - Run over by a mine cart.
  7. Better Early Than Ever - Killed in an explosion.
  8. Freezer Burn - Freezes to death.
  9. You Can't Beach Me - Killed by a bomb.
  10. The Big Save - Strangled by a squid.
  11. Send Out the Clones - Many of his clones are killed.
  12. Ice Runner - Beheaded by ice.
  13. The Flippered Five - Cut apart by ice.
  14. Specieism - Head impaled by quills.
  15. Pole it Over - Frozen and/or impaled by icicles.
  16. Navy Seal - Crushed by anchor. 
  17. Whale of a Tale - Beaten to death by Bruiser.
  18. Penguins Only - Decapitated by spear gun.
  19. Icee What You See - Eaten by alligator.
  20. Daredevil May Dare - Run over by Gutsy's motorcycle.
  21. Contact Savaughn - Hit by Otus' police car.
  22. Ozone, They Didn't! - Killed by exploding oven.
  23. Belly Boom - Killed by bomb.
  24. Mission ImPenguinable - Collides into Waddles.
  25. A Sailor's Gory - Dies of unknown causes.
  26. Under the ice - Flattened by zamboni.
  27. The Emperor's New Robe - Skinned alive.
  28. The King is Dead - Sliced in half horizontally by a door.
  29. Spot Wins - Bleeds to death.
  30. Happy Tree Feet - Killed by bomb.
  31. Aurora Gory-alis - Eyes melted by aurora lights.
  32. Spot and the Flop - Killed in an explosion.
  33. The Poacher And Me - Clubbed to death.
  34. Magically Malicious - Intestines, stomach, ribcage and brain are pulled out of his body.
  35. Cabin into Blizzard - Splits into half.
  36. Snow Where You're Going - Has his head crushed into a counter.
  37. Cheat Codes - Vaporized.
  38. Release the Savage - Lower body is shredded and eaten by The Clams.
  39. Frost-Bitten - Head smacked off from the body.
  40. Snow Warm Way - Ran over by Cro-Marmot.
  41. Secret That's Been Spotted - Swept in an avalanche.
  42. Points To The Worse - Crushed by the ceiling piece.
  43. Claw the Way Out - Shot by potato chips.
  44. Within a Wheelchair - Crushed by the wheelchair.
  45. Take Scare of It - Impaled through the fence.
  46. Penguinity War - Head set on fire.
  47. To Beach Their Own - Crushed by the whale.


  1. To Beach Their Own - Right eye gets jabbed by a drinking straw before ending up being torn in half in his effort of pulling the straw out; His bones end up broken and his body receives numerous splinters from crashing down into a sailboat.

Kill count

  • Eggy - 1 ("The Flippered Five")
  • Icy - 1 ("Navy Seal" along with Flippers
  • Freezer - 2 ("Navy Seal" along with Flippers, "Mission ImPenguinable") 
  • Arcticus - 2 ("Navy Seal" along with Flippers, "Mission ImPenguinable")
  • Waddles - 5 ("Navy Seal" along with Flippers, "Contact Savaughn, "Spot Wins", Turning the Tables", "Secret That's Been Spotted") 
  • Lia - 1 ("Frost-Bitten" along with Waddles)
  • Frostbite - 1 ("Frost-Bitten")
  • Freezy - 1 ("Frost-Bitten")
  • Polar - 1 ("Secret That's Been Spotted")
  • Blizzard - 1 ("Secret That's Been Spotted")
  • Trippy - 1 ("Within a Wheelchair" along with Cast)


  • His arm flippers can turn into hands, usually whenever he holds something.
  • How Waddles kills Spot is similar to how the ants kill Sniffles.
  • He is by far Waddles' most frequent victim.
  • Once drawn with a protruding fang, Spot now has the typical buckteeth.


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