Star Wreck is an episode of season 111 in HTF Fanon.


Leo is eating a cheeseburger when he hears a knock on his door. Leo answers it and finds Sniffles. He lets him in. While Sniffles is making popcorn, since it's their movie night, Leo yells out which movie he wants to rent. Sniffles yells back Star Trek. Leo says he would prefer Star Wars. Sniffles says that Star Wars is fine, but he is more of a Star Trek guy. Leo says that they should play rock paper scissors. they play it, and Leo wins. Sniffles demands a two out of three. Sniffles wins the second game and Leo wins the third. Sniffles demands a four out of five, but Leo says they are watching Star Wars. Sniffles swipes the remote with a claw invention and he says they are watching Star Trek. Leo then groans. He takes the DVD then throws it out the window. Sniffles and Leo then get in a fistfight. Since Sniffles has a claw invention, he throws Leo around. When Leo hits the cupboard, dvds pour out. They see a movie, Jurassic Park, and they agree to watch it. However, when Leo turns the TV on, it malfunctions and disintegrates them both. Meanwhile, Lumpy and Lumpoo are feuding on whether to watch Dumb and Dumber or Invader Zim.


Agree to disagree


Leo and Sniffles get disintegrated


Leo gets bashed around a lot

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