As Jussy and Toothy enjoy a relaxing tea party, a disco ball drops down. Pierce then dances onto the scene, wanting to impress the beaver and the cat. Despite Toothy and Jussy's clear lack of interest, Pierce doesn't give up. He moves over to Toothy and, ignoring his offer of a cookie, takes his hand and starts dancing with him. As Pierce begins to show off his moves, he twirls Toothy, sending him spinning away. He ends up spinning right into his tea pot, which shatters upon impact. This causes third degree burns and a significant blood loss as hot tea pours onto Toothy's head and glass is lodged everywhere. Toothy begins screaming and jumping around in agony, which Pierce thinks is a new dance!

Now, it's Jussy's turn to face the music. Pierce grabs her and starts dancing with her, only to bounce her into an electric fence, shocking and burning her to a crisp. When she moves away from the fence, we see a chunk of her flesh stuck to the fence. Her movements of pain seem resemble the robot dance, which Pierce imitates, not noticing the damage he has done.

With Toothy bled out and burnt by his own teapot, and Jussy electrocuted black by Pierce's dangerous dancing, Pierce finishes up his act, sweaty and completely exhausted. Still not noticing the beavers' demise, he expresses one last 'grrrooowwwwllll' for the audience as the episode ends.

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