Stellar is an opossum fan character created by the user Horizonfudgy.


Stellar has the same height and build as most other tree friends and has navy blue fur. Her ears and paws are colored a gray-blue. She has a long furless tail, which she uses to grip onto trees. Unlike other tree friends, she does not have a lighter patch of fur on her stomach, she also has skinnier pink fingers and toes. She always wears a yellow moon shaped hairclip on her left ear.

She can sometimes be seen wearing a yellow nightgown.


Stellar is of course, nocturnal. She spends all day sleeping on a tree branch (she does have a tree house, however, she prefers the branch). If woken up during the day, she'll be very grumpy and tired.

She tends to be very protective, especially over young ones. She is also very defensive and doesn't take jokes very well. Due to being only awake when most others are asleep, she doesn't have many friends and is quite lonely. She also dreams of having a romantic relationship, and since she's never actually been in a relationship her expectations are high.


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  • Her tree is infested with termites, has several beehives, and has been struck by lightning twice.
  • Her favorite color is yellow. 
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