A fan smoochie made by MMB

Idle Animations

  • Stition looks in his hand mirror and giggles
  • Stition shakes his salt shaker into his mouth and puckers from the saltiness.



A ladder falls onto the screen... Stition gets curious and walks under the ladder. As he touches the tile under it, the ladder snaps in half and slices him. Stition's pieces then get eaten by a lion.


Stition grabs a plate of French Fries, and begins salting it... The steam from the French fries makes him hungry, and he places them on the floor. He drops a flake of salt on his floor and eats the French fry. The French fry burns through his throat and stomach, and finally he disintegrates. The wind blows his ashes away.

Black Cat

Stition gets surprised as a pet shop falls near him. He opens the door, and a black cat runs out, hitting him. He falls into the rosebush, which startles the cat and it slices him apart. The cat eats the slice containing his torso.


  • Stition gets sliced by the ladder
  • Stition gets disintegrated
  • Stition gets sliced by the cat
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