Leif feels confident about this game.
Internet Season: 89
Episode Number: 06
Starring Roles
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Striking Fear is a season 89 episode of HTFF.


Angie is seen at a bowling alley, watching Ellie and Nimbus knock down some pins. Her stomach grumbles, so Angie goes to the snack bar, leaving her sphere unattended. Leif picks up the golden sphere, mistaking it for a bowling ball, and bowls it at a stack of pins. Much to his surprise, he gets a perfect strike.

Feeling a sudden boost of confidence, Leif challenges Ellie to a round of bowling. Ellie goes first and does fairly well. Once the golden sphere returns, Leif uses it again, scoring yet another strike, to Ellie's disbelief. However, one of the pins is sent flying into Fungus, hitting him in the eye.

Nimbus tries his hand at the challenge. As he struggles to lift a bowling ball, Leif picks up the sphere for another go. Nimbus unwittingly throws his ball right into Ellie's face. One of her eyeballs rolls down the lane and barely manages to knock down one pin.

Angie comes back to see Leif holding her sphere. Worried, she runs toward him, only to trip over the laces of her bowling shoes. She knocks into Leif and the sphere rolls off. Nimbus steps on it and stumbles, throwing his ball into Leif. His severed head rolls down the lane and causes yet another successful strike. Lumpy, carrying a large trophy, trips over Nimbus' bowling ball and the trophy falls on Nimbus.

Lumpy assumes Angie is the winner but realizes the trophy has been smashed to bits. Then he sees the golden sphere and awards it to Angie, to her satisfaction. Lumpy goes to look at a bunch of bowling balls, seeing that one of them is actually Leif's head. 


  1. A bowling pin impales Fungus in the eye.
  2. Ellie's face is smashed by a bowling ball.
  3. Leif is decapitated.
  4. Nimbus is crushed by a trophy. 


  • The episode was released on Friday the 13th, 2017.
  • Angie was originally planned to die, marking her first death. This was changed because 'the sphere doesn't harm her'.
  • Pop makes a brief cameo in the episode. He wears the exact same bowling shirt from A Handy Nanny.
  • Leif and Nimbus' deaths were switched around at the final draft.
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