Stuck in Limbo is an HTF fan game.

How low can you go?


How low can you go in this brand new game? Find out along with everyone's favorite tall characters.


The game starts with a character select, with each character stands for a different difficulty. Stretchy stands for easy, Lumpy is medium, and Senior is hard. The player then goes onto the gameplay, where the selected character stands on a treadmill which is slowly moving towards a flaming limbo bar. In order to win, the player has to beat 20 levels, in which the bar gets lower and/or the treadmill speeds up. In order to survive, the player uses the left and right arrow keys to make the character lean back and keep balance. The taller the character, the harder it is to keep balance and the longer it takes to bend back.

Game Overs

  • Stretchy: If the player is Stretchy and loses, she is lit on fire and then gets sucked under the treadmill.
  • Lumpy: If the player is Lumpy and loses, he is lit on fire and falls on his back, kept only in place by his antlers which hit the supports of the limbo bar. Soon Lumpy is burned to ash and is blown away.
  • Senior: If the player is Senior and loses, his neck is cut in half by the bar and his head is lit alflame.


No matter who you play as, once you win, all three characters are seen, slightly burned but alive with the word "congrats" next to them.

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