Sunset is a character of HTFF.


Sunset is an alien former-princess of Generica. She moved to earth and lives with Raymond and Ell. She shares a strong bond with them, particularly Raymond. She's very protective of her twin sibling and will do anything to help them. She can be a little too over-protective and sometimes embarrasses them, and might get them killed on accident.

Sunset, being a fairy of sorts specializes in magic and loves to help others. Unfourtaley her magic is flawed. She has a tendency to think before she plans and never seems to think twice. She's also partly deaf (lacks a left ear) and doesn't have good eye vision. This doesn't stop her form teaching others (Paws is the main example) how to use magic like her.

In terms of her personal life, although born a chipmunk she feels she's more of a bug. She has animal instincts of both bugs and chipmunk and can act like both. (Example storing nuts in her checks, pollinating plants etc.) When she isn't with Raymond, she's either alone or hanging with other mutants (Oddity) or other magic users (Cascade).


2015 - 2016

Sunset is a purple chipmunk with butterfly wings. She wears black pants, blue shirt, and wears a tiara. She has a magic wand. She came from another planet due to not being mature enough and was forced to live with Raymond. Like Softy, she also never frowns due to some weird mental disorder. She is also really strong and is a tough fighter.

2016 - 2017

Sunset since then has been revived by a mutation. She now has a light greenish purple color, and she wears a skirt and a tank top over her torn out old clothes. Her wings are damaged but can still be used to fly. She has her brain exposed and has grey pupils. In addition to becoming a zombie, she is also an unknown bug as she has a stinger, an extra part of arms, and antenna, most likely caused by the toxic waste that mutated her. While she is still almost like her classic self, albeit being a zombie, she is extremely weaker.

2017- 2020

In Flesh Princess, Sunset is injected with a potion that could revive the undead back into their living forms. Sunset is reverted from a zombie back to her normal form, but is still missing a portion of her head, which has been stitched up. Later at the end of the episode, she falls into a chemical-polluted lake and becomes part insect. Her creator soon confirmed the change was permanent.

Later on, Sunset sports tentacles, six arms, a new outfit (green alien t-shirt and blue dress) is completely blue, is glowing and has completely red eyes (with small dots), this form is also known as her God Form.

2020 - Current

In The Garden of Raymond, Sunset would bury herself underground and undergo metamorphosis, resurfacing later in A New Kind of Odd. She now has purple-blue fur, green antennae tipped with stars, pink hair, pink eyes with star-shaped pupils, a blue dress, transparent wings and a stinger.

Fan-considered theme songs

  • Human by Ellie Glouding.
  • E.T (and maybe Dark Horse) by Katy Pary.
  • Aliens Exist by Blink-182
  • Magic by B.O.B and River Cuomo.


  1. Raymond Begins Part 1: Dies of a disease.
  2. Wingless Misery: Cascade falls on her.
  3. Parasite Sized: Either electrocuted or eaten.
  4. Frozen Hasteland: Splatters.
  5. The Buck Gets Weird: Crushed by a TV.
  6. Iced Iced Baby: Falls and splatters.
  7. Tree Friends: Believe In Christmas Miracles: Crushed by Raymond's piano.
  8. Bubble Kringle: Freezes to death.
  9. Small Sisters: Explodes.
  10. Cursed Quail: Bitten in half.
  11. Can't Stop the Heating: Killed by Oddity's venom.
  12. Winging Isn't Everything: Crushed by a house.
  13. Beat the Meat: Sliced by a roaster.
  14. Be-leaf in Magic: Killed when Raymond's eyes burst.
  15. Bubble Bed Blues: Executed by the people of Generica.


  • Derek - 1 (Where The Sunset Don't Shine)
  • Paws - 1 (Where The Sunset Don't Shine)
  • Raymond - 7 (Where The Sunset Don't Shine, Wingless Misery, Hide-Away Raymond, Wand Kringle, Tree Friends: Believe In Christmas Miracles, Shell Raiser, A New Kind of Odd debatable)
  • Handy - 1 (Wingless Misery)
  • Dr. Quackery - 1 (Wingless Misery)
  • Lammy - 1 (Wingless Misery)
  • Rush - 1 (Wingless Misery)
  • Blobby - 1  (Wingless Misery)
  • Ell - 2 (Small Sisters, Bubble Bed Blues)
  • Ludwig - 2 (Small Sister, Pinch Back)
  • Others - 1 (a flock of birds in "Tree Friends: Believe In Christmas Miracles")
  • Rafie - 1 (Love Bugs)
  • Emmy - 1 (Love Bugs)
  • Hornless - 1 ("Un-Uni-Rabbit")
  • General Daisy - 1 ("Un-Uni-Rabbit" along with Walda)
  • Zet - 1 ("Tromp the Vote")
  • Samantha (XXM) - 1 ("Tromp the Vote")
  • Beehive - 1 ("Sting Operation")


  • Her backstory is based of Star Butterfly's from Star vs The Forces of Evil.
  • As of 5/29/15 she is now Yellow-spider-kitty's self-insert instead of Raymond.
  • In addition to turning into a zombie she was also changed into a bug because her creator wanted a more original design.
  • She seems to have lost half the spells she usually knows after dying.
  • Raymond is her most frequent victim. Odd considered their adopted sisters.
  • She is friends with Oddity and Squag because they are mutated insects.
  • It's currently unknown what bug she is. Some fans say an ant or a bee.
  • Her current form is confirmed to be a demigod.


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