Name: Superspeed
Gender: Male
Animal: Chinchilla
Color: Cyan
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 162
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 3
Kill Count: 39+
Deaths: 101 (98) Regular

(3) Smoochies

First Appearance: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
First Victim: Rose The Coin
First Death: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Superspeed is a blue chinchilla who isn't the brightest of the bunch. He does have the ability to run quickly, as implied by his name. His brown hair comes from his enjoyment of Sonic The Hedgehog, though he actually got it stuck like that due to using too much hair spray during a Sonic marathon. His tail is hidden in his pants, a thing he decided to do in order to prevent tripping on his large tail and such. His shirt comes from Spy vs Spy, as he is a fan of the Black Spy from the series. Superspeed appears to have some troubling luck. He often gets into trouble and refuses to listen to reason at times. However in certain situations, he can be depended on. He is also not good at baseball, as in The Small Game. It would not be a surprise if he is completely bonkers at sports in general. His smoochie had to do with cleaning, showing that maybe you should not ask him to clean. He is friends with Trippy and Robo Star. He is also in love with Fiora.

Along with his interests in Spy vs Spy, he enjoys video games and any sort of hanging out event with friends. Whether it will get him killed or not, as he believes he is invincible. Just like Boris.

He dies in most of the episodes he appears in, but he survived Ice Cream, You Scream, your happy your ugly, Gimmy my Lunch Money, Slice Kringle, Pipe Finds, Strike!, That's Gonna Costume!, Snow Days Have Their Problems, and Hit the Ground Running. Most of his deaths involve explosions.


Starring Roles

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
  2. Cars and People don't mix
  3. Read 'Em then Weep 'Em (Fan verison)
  4. The Coin
  5. Death Park
  6. Reviving Cub
  7. Revenge
  8. Superspeed's halloween
  9. Razor Sharp
  10. You're Bakin' Me Crazy (Fan Version)
  11. For weather or worse
  12. The Date
  13. Class Act (Fan Version)
  14. SuperShort
  15. Super Christmas
  16. Mommin' Up
  17. Concrete Solution (Fan Version)
  18. Sharpen your skills
  19. The Small Game
  20. A fanmade christmas speicel
  21. You Trip Me Up
  22. Sleeping on The Job
  23. Basketstar
  24. Superspeed smoochie
  25. So Sweet!!
  26. Don't axe me a question!
  27. Clips away!
  28. New Home
  29. Warning
  30. Be careful...
  31. Spiked your computer
  32. Conker the world
  33. The Vicious Cycle of 2fort
  34. That Prairie Dog Accused
  35. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya (Fan Version)
  36. Hide and Seek (Fan Version)
  37. Zombies are comin
  38. Happy Tree Friends: Battle of Armageddon (Removed I guess)
  39. Superspeed's Minecraft adventure
  40. Helping Helps (Fan Version)
  41. Mortal Tree Friends
  42. Story Tellin'Switches
  43. Dopework
  44. Resurrect The Dead!
  45. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  46. From Hero to Eternity (Fan Version)
  47. Hide And Seek
  48. Time And Time Again
  49. From A to Zoo
  50. The Hoover Dam
  51. We're Scrooged
  52. Graffing the Walls
  53. Pipe Finds
  54. Fight at the Museum
  55. Carnage Country
  56. Shy Squrriel
  57. Sleep Fighter
  58. Strike!
  59. Sick to the Plan
  60. Kicked Your Glass
  61. Trippin' Class
  62. Unknowns Anonymous
  63. Friendship is No More
  64. RayBow Speed
  65. Make no Connection
  66. Duel of Dustbowl
  67. Shock Box
  68. Zombie Out
  69. Show You the Ropes
  70. Count to Tree
  71. The Fish
  72. Clips Away!
  73. Ride it Out
  74. Maypole to Pole
  75. A Smile Is Always Tree
  76. Busting A Move
  77. Selling Out
  78. Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II) (FirealarmThing Verison) (fake out)

Featuring Roles

  1. Ice Cream, You Scream
  2. I ashed you to go away
  3. Bubblevicious
  4. Home is Where the hurt is (Fan Version)
  5. Havin' A Ball (Fan Version)
  6. Circus Brawl
  7. 100-Yard Bash
  8. Your Happy Your Ugly
  9. Class Act (New fan version)
  10. I have a boney feeling
  11. A History Be Known
  12. We are the Camp-ions
  13. Double Whammy (Ale Version)
  14. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  15. I don't have any spare time
  16. Wild West Side
  17. 5 Easy-Peasy Pieces (Removed?)
  18. One Last Crusade
  19. Bombs in town
  20. Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar
  21. Peas in a Pod
  22. Party Animal
  23. Kitchen Kringle
  24. Better Early Than Ever
  25. Theaters...
  26. Puffing Paint
  27. Have You Any Wool?
  28. Driving Problems
  29. Goat With the Flow
  30. Olympic Shames
  31. The Big Save
  32. Disguise-ful
  33. That's Gonna Costume!
  34. Gone Viral
  35. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  36. Scrappyland
  37. What the Puck?
  38. Get Eggy With It
  39. Flesh Air
  40. Male Bonding
  41. Zit Scream
  42. Joining the Trio
  43. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  44. Blind as a Bat
  45. Remembering Trippy
  46. An Uplifting Story
  47. Slushie the Snowman
  48. RayDay (Birthday Episode)
  49. Nutso Loco
  50. Press Paws
  51. Road Trippy
  52. Club Rules
  53. Sweeps This Mess Up
  54. Crossover Carnage


  1. The screw day
  2. Gangsters and Robbers
  3. Chip Off the Ol' Block (Fan Version)
  4. Gangsters. And Aliens
  5. Down 'N' Dirty
  6. The Night of the Dolphin
  7. Hex and the City (Removed???)
  8. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Fan Version)
  9. Science is Freaky
  10. Sniffle's Revenge
  11. Gimme my Lunch Money
  12. Gems the Breaks (Fan Version)
  13. Read 'Em and Weep
  14. Wrath of Con
  15. And the Kitchen Sink
  16. Fright-day
  17. Battle of the Boneheads
  18. Catch That Bus
  19. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus
  20. The Big Three Oh!
  21. Some Hate it Hot
  22. Summer Bummer
  23. MaRiO's HaLlOwEeN
  24. Sweet Tooth Decay
  25. The Last Invention of Tarsy
  26. Old or New (Part 1)
  27. Hit the Ground Running
  28. Tail-Tired!
  29. Birthday Party Freak
  30. Smells Puffy in Here
  31. Don't Try This at Home
  32. MoneyBat
  33. Don't Flame Me!


  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: He falls off a cliff and is sliced is by a helicopter
  2. Cars and People don't mix: Crushed by a block
  3. The screw day: Stabbed and killed by screws
  4. Read 'Em then Weep 'Em: Blown up by the fireworks
  5. The Coin: Sliced into pieces by a ladder
  6. Death Park: Ran Over by a speeding cart
  7. Reviving Cub: Cub stabs him in the eye. Falls to his death.
  8. Revenge: Dies of blood loss
  9. Superspeed's halloween: decapited by the wind
  10. Razor Sharp: Sliced to bits by the razor thing
  11. You're Bakin' Me Crazy: Crushed by the edge of the sign
  12. For Weather or Worse: Crushed by a giant hail
  13. The Date: dies in an explosian along with Trippy
  14. Class Act: shot in the head by Ale
  15. SuperShort: Stabbed in the head/crushed in the suitcase
  16. Super Christmas: Burns to death
  17. Mommin' Up: Splatters after falling a great height
  18. Concrete Solution: head crushed by a cement brick
  19. Sharpen your skills: Crushed by the metal shield
  20. The Small Game: chest piecred by a baseball
  21. Gangster and Robbers: shot by Lifty and Shifty
  22. A fanmade christmas speical: sliced into two
  23. You Trip Me Up: falls to his death
  24. Sleeping on the job: punctuated by multiple tree bark
  25. Basketstar: crushed by the basketball
  26. Smoochie 1: Impladed on a rake
  27. Smoochie 2: flesh torn off by blower, leaving his skull
  28. Smoochie 3: Dies when the leave sucker exploded
  29. Chip Off the Ol' Block: Organs smashed out after crashing
  30. I ashed you to go away: Ale chokes him with Robo Star's ash
  31. So Sweet!!: Hits his head on a ferris wheel seat and dies
  32. Dont axe me a question: head sliced by an axe
  33. Clips away: killed by Ale offscreen
  34. New Home: killed when his house collaspes on him
  35. Warning: Crushed by Lumpy's RV
  36. Gangsters and Aliens: shot by Al Capone while being used as a meat shield by a platyplus alien
  37. Be careful: Electoted to death by a toaster
  38. Spiked your computer: Killed in his house fire
  39. Bubblevicious: killed in a RV explosian
  40. Conker the world: Chunk of head blowned off by Conker
  41. That Prairie Dog Accused: head chewed on by zombie, bleeds to death
  42. The Vici
  43. Better Early Than Ever: Sliced by paper.
  44. Theaters...:Dies when falling into the popcorn maker
  45. Puffing Paint: Grunts hacks him up with a chainsaw
  46. Fight at the Museum: Crushed by Dinosaur bones along with Trippy
  47. Have you any Wool?: Face shredded by a razor
  48. Driving Problems: Crashes into a wall which kills him
  49. Carnage Country: Run over by Mime's unicycle.
  50. Shy Squrriel: Ran over by a four wheeler
  51. Goat with the Flow: Crazy smashes his head on a ice cream truck
  52. Sleep Fighter - Beaten and splattered by Elliott.
  53. Fright-day - Impaled by Flaky.
  54. Sick to the Plan - Drowned by water balloon.
  55. Olympic Shames - Splatters into hurdle.
  56. The Big Save - Drowns in the sea.
  57. Kicked Your Glass: Killed by Splendont when he bashes Superspeed into a window.
  58. Battle of the Boneheads: Crushed by Bjorn.
  59. Disguise-ful - Ran over.
  60. Trippin' Class: Dies in a lunchroom explosion with Fiora.
  61. Lights, Camera, Cut! - Sliced by Russell.
  62. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus - Sliced by ninja stars.
  63. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  64. Gone Viral - Vaporised by Luna
  65. Unknowns Anonymous - Impaled by Pointy's beak.
  66. Scrappyland - Crushed by falling car.
  67. What the Puck? - Hit by hockey puck.
  68. Get Eggy With It - Caught in bear trap.
  69. Some Hate it Hot - Breaks his jaw.
  70. Friendship is No More- Is Possibly Killed By 20's Robo Star.
  71. RayBow Speed: Falls To His Death
  72. Make no Connection: Sliced Up By CDS.
  73. Male Bonding: Falls off cliff.
  74. Dust of Dustbowl: Gunned Down By Fatty.
  75. Shock Box: Is Impladed On A Spike And Burns To Death.
  76. Zit Scream: Smashed by door.
  77. Zombie Out: Head smashed by an axe.
  78. Joining the Trio: Crushed by an ice berg with Trippy, Robo Star, and Hippy
  79. Are ya Thristy Pardner: Killed by Ale in an unknown way.
  80. Sweet Tooth Decay: Killed by Radioactive Goop, then revived as a zombie, then is eventually sucked into a vacuum.
  81. Blind as a Bat: Smashed by a police car (The Mole)
  82. The Last Invention of Tarsy: Trippy crashes into him.
  83. Stone Cold Nuts: Crushed by Pockets.
  84. Old or New (Part 1): Smacked by croquet ball.
  85. An Uplifting Story: Decapitcated by barbel.
  86. Show you the ropes: Dies of blood loss
  87. Count to Tree: Killed in an explosian
  88. The Fish: Veins ripped out by Rip
  89. Zombies are coming: Dragged away and eaten
  90. Clips away: (Debateable) Killed by Ale.
  91. Ride it Out: Slams against a half pipe
  92. Nutso Loco: He and Trippy are clubbed to death.
  93. Don't Try This at Home: Smashes into tree.
  94. Road Trippy: Torso smashed by a cactus.
  95. Club Rules: Baseball smashes through his face.
  96. Maypole to Pole- Killed in an explosion.
  97. A Smile Is Always Tree - Ran over by a tree.
  98. Sweeps This Mess Up - Explodes from being inflated.
  99. Busting A Move - Dies when he shoots his taser up his throat.
  100. Selling Out: Crushed by his own door when Sasha kicks it open.
  101. Don't Flame Me! - Set on fire when exposed by a lit match, and later dies in an explosion oil splashes over the camp.


  • He is a chinchilla.
  • He is one of the few to be killed by Cub. Other being Lumpy
  • Superspeed here is based on RayTube's very first character, Superspeed (who looks the same save for minor details).
  • For Halloween, he enjoys dressing as Joker from Persona 5.
  • He Survival Rate is 39.63%.
  • His smoochie had him cleaning a yard, where he used a rake, a blower, and a leave sucker, which is what RayTube uses to clean his yard (which sucks).
  • Superspeed is the last one to die in Season 1
  • In fan version episodes, he takes place of Toothy.
  • He is in Happy Tree Fanon Island as The Idiot, which causes him to get voted off twice along with Lumpy.
  • Superspeed originates as a Sonic OC. Though he no longer resembles that time of creation, his hair is retrained from that era.
  • Superspeed finally appears without his hat in Selling Out.


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