Sweet Dreams is an HTF game for the X-Box 360.

Game Details

The goal of this sidescrolling game is to help characters run from their nightmare in their own dreams. This game has ten levels plus the tutorial, a endless level and a secret level. The player also has three lives and a health bar that starts at 100. If the character is hit by an enemy, the nightmare or a obstical they lose health.


The controls for this game are the thumbstick to move left and right, the A button to jump and interact with objects and characters, B to pick up items and uses them and X to attack. Y can also be used with some characters to use special moves.


  • Candy: Restores characters health a by 20.
  • Pillow: Fully restores health.
  • Key: One use only. Opens door.
  • Doors: Lead to secret areas/ safe zones.
  • Flagpoles: Checkpoints.
  • Slingshot: Weapon, fires ten times before breaking.
  • Rocket Shoes: One use only. Speeds character up extremely for 5 seconds.
  • More later.

Playable Characters in Game

Also includes their stats.

  • Toothy: No specail traits. Weapon is his tail which does 30 damage.
  • Plushy: Fastest character but his weapon is weakest. Weapon is stuffed bear that does 10 damage.
  • Foxy: Jump highest but rather slow. Weapon is a machete which carries from 15 damage to 25.
  • Flaky: Pressing Y will make her shriek quick stuns enemies. Weapon is his quills which do 30 damage but risk Flaky getting hurt.
  • Fyre: Runs fast and jumps high but weak weapon. Weapon is a fire exstinguiser which does 15 damage.
  • Puffy: Pressing Y makes him cry and his tears cause 5 damage. Weapon is a bat which does 20 damage.
  • Senior: Most likely to find items. Weapon is the Idol which is thrown and causes 23 damage.
  • O' Boil: Pressing Y will make his boil expand and act like a sheiks but ala slow him down a lot. Weapon is fist which do 17 damage.
  • Daydream: Doesn't need keys for doors. Weapon is a lightsaber that kills instantly but has to recharge after five uses.
  • Josh: Jumps almost as high as Foxy. Weapon is a scultping knife that does 24 damage and can be thrown.
  • Torchy: Able to fly for several seconds. Weakness is his flashlight which causes 15 damage but also stuns enemies.
  • Flippy: Slowest character but pressing Y flops him out and makes him invincable for 10 seconds. Weapon is a knife which does 34 damage.


Note that some NPCS are helpful while others are harmful.

  • Keeper: A beige mouse who gives the player items.
  • Safey: A blue cockatoo who stalls the nightmares for several seconds.
  • Blast: A pink female recolor of Bomby who explodes and causes 25 damage.
  • Prat: A yellow recolor of Bushy you makes pitfalls under the character. Instantly kills.
  • Chime: A lime pidgeon who will fly the character over the level for 4 seconds.

Turtorial: Toothy's Dreams

This level is a bland level with no real theme except the color blue. Its only purpose is to teach the player how to play the game. The nightmare in this level is just a black wall that like every nightmare chases after the character, it hurts by 50. The safe room in this level is empty expect for a door and Keeper.

Characters in Level

  • Toothy
  • Keeper


  • Black box: A black box that jumps around and hurts if touch by 10 damamage. Has health of 20.


  • Holes


  1. If all lives are are lost, Toothy is splattered into the wall.

Level 1: Plushy's Dream

This levels theme is plush and quilts. Everything is made of plush or whirling. The nightmare in this level is a wall of spikes, it hurts by 50. Thee safe room in this level is full of stuffed animals, a door and Keeper.

Characters in Level

  • Plushy
  • Keeper
  • Prat


  • Pincushion: Stands still, hurts by 12 if touched. Shoots pins which hurt by 5. Health is 10.
  • Knife: A knife that jumps around and hurts by 18 if touched. Health is 5.


  • Needle: Pops out of the ground once and a while and does 10 damage.
  • Holes


  1. If all lives are lost, Plushy is impaled bur the wall.

Level 2: Foxy's Dream

This levels theme is a forest. The nightmare in this level is a large wave that does 50 damage. The safe room is a cabin with furnature, a door and Keeper.

Characters in Level

  • Foxy
  • Keeper
  • Blast


  • Rainclouds: Hovers around and shoots lightning that does 30 damage. Health is 30.
  • Bear: Walks around and attacks with 20 damage. Health is 25.


  • Beartrap: Does 15 damage if stepped on.
  • Branch: Stuns if ran into.


  1. Blast blows up.
  2. If all lives are lost, Foxy is hit by the wave and drowns.

Level 3: Flaky's Dream

This levels levels theme is field that has random sport items in it. The nightmare in this level is a giant chick which does 50 damage. The safe room is a bedroom with a door, a bed and a keeper.

Characters in Level

  • Flaky
  • Keeper
  • Safey


  • Chicks: Hop around and do 5 damage. Health is 5.
  • Fliqpy: Charges at character and does 35 range. Health is 20.
  • Rats: Move around and hurt by 10. Health is 15.


  • Dead GTF: If touched it stuns for 8 seconds.
  • Paper Ghost: Drops from platforms and does 5 damage along with stunning for 3 seconds.
  • Holes


  1. If all lives are lost, Flaky is stepped on by the chick.
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