Talon, Flyy, Gogle, Gilly, Feathers and Onefeather
Children of Otus
Name Talon, Flyy, Gogle, Gilly, Feathers and Onefeather
Gender Male and Female
Interests Causing trouble, Their Pets
Species Owls
Color Grey and white
Relatives Otus, Great Grey
Age 7
Size Small
Friends/Allies Otus, Great Grey, Tyke, Savaughn
Enemies/Rivals Most other people
First Appearance Owlets Day
First Victim Lumpy (Owlets Day)
First Death Moth through Hot Butter-fly

Talon, Flyy, Gogle, Gilly, Feathers, and Onefeather are fan characters.



The Oldest of the cluch, She is white and has blue eyes. She is also known to be the most intelligent of the cluch of the six owlets.


The second owlet of the cluch hatched two days after Talon did, like all Real Life Owlets. 


The Third owlet of the cluch, she wear Goggles all the time. Though a typo on her birth certificate has her name spelt wrong.


The forth owlet of the cluch, known the be the second ssmartest of the cluch.


The most friendly of the cluch. He has tourettes so in the middle of sentences he may swear very loudly.


Onefeather the youngest of the cluch, known to be one who need the most attention because he can walk away and potentially cause trouble.


Because the owlets are in the top three most wealthy household in the town they are the most popular kids and family in the town also because their grandmother is rumored to be the mayor. Also rumors there parents own several Companies.

  • It has being told that their parents' bank account is at 9.6 Billion Dollars.
  • Todd is very jealous of them. They don't like Todd either. 


Starring Roles




  1. Moth through Hot Butter-fly: Die in the explosion of their house.


  • They are like Splendid, as they will save people but most likely ended up killing them, but they also like to make mischief.
  • They are one of the few characters to harm Flippy while he is flipped out.
  • Another fan character shares the same name as Gilly's. However instead of an owl, he's a ladybird.
  • It is confirmed they have over 100 Pets.
  • Their Grandmother, whom they fear, is rumored to be the mayor.
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