Technical Difficulties is a game based on an episode of the same name.


Dell plays on his computer, when the internet suddenly blanks out. His phone rings and, upon answering the call, he is told by Swindler that an internet reboot will be costly. Not willing to fall for Swindler's scam, Dell gets into action. 


After the final stage is complete, Dell and the other computer users regain full internet access. Dell lays back on his computer chair while, outside his window, Swindler is shown in a police car. 


Game 2

Screenshot of game.

The basic goal of the game is for the player to unlock points throughout levels, increasing the internet connection. With the points earned, the player can purchase new characters, stages and weapons. The game can be saved and resumed from where the player left off.

Internet connection also counts as the player's health. Each time the player is hurt or loses a life, the internet/health meter goes down. The screen also gets more glitchy as the player loses health. It will completely malfunction when in game over mode.


Dell is the first character who can be played. The others must be unlocked with points. Respectively, the playable characters are:

Goosta makes cameos throughout levels. Electron appears saying Game Over when the player is defeated. Swindler actually appears as the final boss of each stage, in different monster forms. At the ending of the game, Savaughn drives Swindler away in a police car.


The game has three stages, each containing four levels. Every stage is more difficult than the last, as they are various forms of technology. 

  1. Cell phone (levels 1-4)
  2. Ipod or Ipad (levels 5-8)
  3. Laptop (levels 9-12)


  1. All the playable characters can die when reaching game over (due to enemies and obstacles).
  2. Enemies can be killed by the playable characters.


  • This and the episode it was based on share the same trailer. This was inspired from the canon Run and Bun and Buns of Steal'.
  • All the characters seen in the game also appear in the episode.
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