Test dum

Test Dumby is a fan character


Test Dumby is a tan mouse. As his name insists, he is a test dummy who is dumb. He wears a triangular tinfoil hat, titanium plating on his chest and abdomen, and always has dizzy eyes. Many characters use Test Dumby as a test subject, such as Sniffles, Lab Rat and Devious.


​Starring Roles

​Featuring Roles



  • Testing, Testing!: Frozen in space and hit by astroids.
  • Bye-ence
    • Stabbed to death by pins.
    • Blasted by a laser gun (as a zombie).
  • Space Bear: Died in an explosion.
  • The Loon Moon: Bled to death. ​(debatable)
  • ​A Little Antsy: Bled to death after his femoral artery was being ripped.
  • Electricity Between Us: Died in an explosion.

​List of Kills

  • Lab Rat - 2 ("Testing, Testing!", "Space Bear" ​debatable)
  • Loony - 1 ("Testing, Testing!")
  • Grubbie - 1 ("Testing, Testing!")
  • Paddles - 1 ("Testing, Testing!")
  • Licky - 1 ("Testing, Testing!")
  • Logger - 1 ("Need for Seeds" ​along with Lab Rat​)
  • Shapeshift - 1 ("Need for Seeds" along with Lab Rat​)
  • Big Ear - 1 ("Need for Seeds" along with Lab Rat​)
  • Giggles - 1 ("Bye-ence")
  • Wilt - 1 ("Space Bear")
  • Antsy - 1 ("A Little Antsy")
  • Paws - 1 ("She Combined Me with Science")
  • Diamond - 1 ("She Combined Me with Science")
  • Others - 1+ (a saber toothed tiger in "Need for Seeds", several pets in "Space Bear", a loon in "The Loon Moon")

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