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Texas Hold Em' is a fan-made HTF Break.

Maybe he should have waited until after the game to eat.





Part 1

Howdy and Elliott are seen sitting down at a table getting ready to play poker. Elliott prepares to stack the cards, but gets sleepy. His face lands flat on the table, but he immediately awakens from getting the cards inpaled into his face.

The HTF Break logo is then shown with the theme song.

Part 2

Howdy and Elliott prepare to play poker again. Elliott prepares to stack the cards, but falls asleep. As a result, he flicks many cards out of his hands.

Howdy proceeds to eat a sandwich, but instead, the dozens of cards fly towards him and stuff his mouth. One last card flies in and makes the other cards burst, slicing Howdy's head to pieces. His body falls to the ground and the slices of his head stack up like poker chips.

A card lands on the table with "HTF is dead" written on it. Just before the episode ends, Hippy's hand appears with an eraser, removing "is dead" and leaving HTF Break on the card.


  1. Howdy's head is sliced to peices.


  1. Elliott's face is impaled by cards.


  • This is the first appearance of Howdy and Elliott in a HTF Break.