Thanksgiving Fest

Thanksgiving Fest is an upcoming half-hour long special containing Thanksgiving-themed episodes of Happy Tree Friends Fanon. It will be shown on TV November 8, and will come out on DVD November 23, 2013.

All the episodes are shown on a plate with a fork and knife beside them. The episodes will be released on Mondo and YouTube in the first days of December.


  1. One Turkey and Two Greedy: Nutty and The Pilgrim are fighting for Thanksgiving's turkey! Who will win?
  2. Historical Leeway: Thanksgiving's story with the Happy Tree Friends!
  3. Pranks-giving: Pranky pulls a Thanksgiving-themed prank.
  4. Thanksgiving Theives: Thrifty and Gifty rob people of their thanksgiving items.
  5. Turkey or Jerk: Poachy ruins thanksgiving buy poaching turkeys it's up to stone and sniffles to stop him
  6. Feeling Trippy On Thanksgiving: Trippy attempts to have a thanksgiving feast with his two friends.
  7. Brand New Road: Turkey goes a few days in France for Thanksgiving. But he learns, too late, that the French do not celebrate Thanksgiving. And he also learns that he is in danger.
  8. Not So Thanksgiving: Ironic tries to survive the most life threatening holiday for him, Thanksgiving
  9. Thanksgiween: Sniffles make a robot-turkey for Thanksgiving. But the robot start to destroy the city.
  10. Turkey Hunt: Giggles tries to stop lumpy form killing turkeys . Meanwhile, Sparky tries to thanksgiving dinner only problem the food gets burned.
  11. Burpie Turkey: Toad buys a turkey, but doesn't notice that is says Gassy root turkey. Will he make all the tree friends ticked? or finds a top for that gassy bird?

Special Features

Intros and summaries (DVD only)

  • 1st part: Episodes 1-4
  • 2nd part: Episodes 5-8
  • 3rd part: Episodes 9-12
  • 4th part: Episodes 13-16
  • 5th part: Episodes 17-20



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