Elliott starts to roll dough with a roller, and makes a shape of a doughnut and gives it to Wooly, which he puts on a tray along with two other doughnuts. Wooly then puts them into a deep fryer. After putting one on a conveyer belt, he decides to eat the next one. However, the doughnut he eats gets caught in his throat and he begins to choke.

After failing to get Elliott's attention, he bumps into a shelf behind him, and a knife falls off the shelf and impales his hand. He uses the knife to stab a hole in his throat to give himself some air. When he pulls out the knife, he splatters some blood on several doughnuts.

He catches his breath, but then eats another doughnut, which gets stuck in his stab wound, once again suffocating him. Wooly then stabs his neck and gets the knife stuck in his throat. He grows dizzy and tries to stabilize himself on the counter, but sticks his hand in the deep fryer. He is now trying to get help but slips on a doughnut and falls onto Elliott's counter.

Elliott rolls his rolling pin over Wooly's swoolen hand, bursting some blisters and cutting off a chunk to make a doughnut. Wooly's hand is now stuck to the counter and he rips his arm off trying to pull away. He stumbles back and falls onto the conveyer belt. When the belt turns upside down his ears get caught on the bars holding it up and it tears him apart. Meanwhile, Elliott walks to the customers with the finished doughnuts.

Puffy is seen trying to choose which doughnut to eat. When Elliott puts down a tray of doughnuts made from Wooly's hand, Puffy chooses one of those. Unfortunately, it gets stuck in his throat and he chokes on it.

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