The Complete Fifth Season DVD is a DVD containing all episodes from Season 5.


Special Features


"As usual, these cute critters have went through so much, they get to the point where they try to resurrect one another or trying to get a pesky bug away. Introducing even more characters like Lessy,Snowy and Cloudy! This new season gives you even more of your favorite chracters like."

  • Snowy
  • Robo Star
  • Buck and Chuck
  • Elliott

and many more!

Special Features (as writen on the cover)

  • Happy Trivia Friends trivia game inside!
  • Original sketches and artwork!
  • New characters, learn about them here!
  • Two interactive smoochies!

Additional Deaths

  • On the episode section, Snowy melts
  • On the DVD cover, Robo Star gets hit in the eye with a knife
  • On the main menu, Hippy slips and his brain pops out (animated)
  • on the special feature menu, Buck is eaten by a shark.
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