The DVD cover.

The Complete First Season DVD is a DVD containing all fourteen episodes from the first season.


Special Features


"These deceptively cute critters can't stay of trouble! From choking on tacos to having their eyes pecked out, these adorable characters are in a world of hurt. This DVD contains the first fourteen classic episodes! Enjoy them, or be killed by Ale! This DVD comes with some of your favorite characters, including:

  • Hippy
  • Puffy
  • Superspeed
  • Ale
  • Fungus

and many more!"

Features (as written on the cover)

  • Meet the Cast! Behind the Voices!
  • 14 Timeless Episodes!
  • Exclusive Commentary from the creators!
  • Bonus! Never before seen episodes!
  • Learn about the characters!

Additional Deaths

  1. Puffy and Fungus are crushed under the DVD
  2. On the main menu, Howdy lassos himself and dies of strangulation
  3. On the back, Ale is seen stabbing Peppery.
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