The Complete Ninety Seventh Season is a DVD containing the Season 97 episodes of Happy Tree Friends Fanon.


  1. Paper Cuts
  2. Be-Cuss I Can
  3. Foot For Thought
  4. 101 Bunnies
  5. The Dead Music Go
  6. Dodgemauled
  7. All Cat Remains
  8. Chew at the Zoo
  9. What A Magic
  10. My Cat From H-E-Double Hockey Sticks
  11. Getting Cole in Here
  12. Dollhouse Blues
  13. Tiny Dancer
  14. On My Way Up
  15. Cheater Beaver
  16. Otto-matic Hero
  17. Napkin A Good Time
  18. Girls Chase Boys Chase Me
  19. Patty Patty Pattypon
  20. Our Hiro
  21. Fish Relay
  22. Timeless Death of Despair

Special Features

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