The Complete One Hundred and Eighth Season is a DVD containing all Season 108 episodes of HTFF.


  1. The Missing Lynxes
  2. Bakers and Takers
  3. A Hole New World
  4. Pasta La Vista, Baby!
  5. The Origins of Electricity
  6. Bitter Get Moving
  7. No Hard Felines
  8. Aquamaroons
  9. Helping Hands
  10. Logged In
  11. We've Melt With This
  12. Zap To It
  13. Sidekick Effect
  14. Sushi The World
  15. Jake's Snake
  16. Nothing New Under the Boat
  17. Shark Be Nimble, Shark Be Quick
  18. Makes Scents to Me
  19. Mind in Genercia
  20. Wood If I Could
  21. That's Blind So Yesterday

Bonus features

  • Leaked footage from the deleted episode "Hover for Help"
  • The making of Mind in Genercia
  • Storyboards for Aquamaroons, Zap To It and Shark Be Nimble, Shark Be Quick
  • Voice acting for Sidekick Effect and Nothing New Under the Boat
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