The Complete One Hundred and Fifth Season is a DVD containing all the Season 105 episodes of HTFF.


  1. Jewelpet
  2. Merry Crisp-moose
  3. Tiki to Disagree
  4. Look-Alike
  5. To Be An Artist
  6. En-durian the Pain
  7. Beyond Frilled
  8. Merry Mutants
  9. The Nightfall Before Christmas
  10. Murfy's Law
  11. Can't Wheel Down
  12. Shave a Red Rag to a Bull
  13. Snow That's Bad
  14. Snow Way Out
  15. Bark-tic Wolf
  16. Picture Solstice
  17. Elf Gratification
  18. Stair To Be Different
  19. As Straight as a Pie

Bonus Features

  • Bonus kringles: Sphere Kringle, Marshmallow Kringle and Snowball Kringle.
  • CTAs for Snooper, Durian, Melancholia, Marshy and Glacier.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Bonus episodes: Pet Peeve and A Handy Nanny.
  • Bloopers.
  • Welcome back video to FlippytheFrench.
  • Sneak peek images for upcoming Season 106 episodes.
  • How-to-Draw Irin & the Clams and Anki.
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