The Complete One Hundred and Oneth Season is a DVD contaning all the Season 101 episodes of HTFF.



  1. All Cats Go to Heaven
  2. Sumo Enchanted Evening
  3. Don't Toxic Waste Your Life
  4. Number One Fanatics
  5. Stero-Loathe
  6. Beat the Meat
  7. Yum of Your Business
  8. Go To Water Way
  9. Family Visit
  10. Quack Under Pressure
  11. When Carrots Attack
  12. Disasters of the Universe
  13. Stacylicious
  14. Lemon Fiction
  15. Son of a Glitch
  16. Late for Me, Soon for Your
  17. This is Glass, Not Grass
  18. Raw Diamonds
  19. Rapping Ready
  20. Choking Facts
  21. Greedy Does It
  22. Mutant Pokécreatures
  23. A Panda For A Day
  24. The Mole Of Loch Ness

Bonus features

A tribute to the first two arcs to celebrate HTFF's 68th anniversary.

Storyboards for Don't Toxic Waste Your Life, Quack Under Pressure, Rapping Ready and Mutant Pokécreatures.

Stacy's Blood Fest.

Turning 101: The short clip montage of the whole arc seasons of HTFF - From What's Up My Peeps to The Mole Of Loch Ness.

The debut of Brunin in HTFF.

Short preview of Season 106 and upcoming Season 105 episodes.

CTAs for Katze, Drako, Dorobõ, Yum Yum, Gawle and Ghoul, Glitch and Sarky.

Bonus breaks: A Smile is Always Tree, Scuse Me Cheese, You Should Drink About It, Pony Rides and Juicy Ride.

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