The Complete One Hundred and Fourteenth Season
 is a DVD containing the Season 114 episodes of Happy Tree Friends Fanon.


  1. Happy Paw-lidays
  2. Socks To Be You
  3. Thank You For Mystery
  4. Dog with a Log
  5. Electric Avenue
  6. Penguinity War
  7. A Flurry of Emotions
  8. Car-ful What You Wish For
  9. Fency Seeing You Here
  10. She's Not My Pipe
  11. Pay the Piper
  12. Sounding the Siren
  13. Stay tuned
  14. Can You Be A Little More Pacific?
  15. Big Buck Hunting
  16. What's Going Down
  17. Short Story, Tall Tale
  18. Just an Illusion
  19. Nub Me, Hate Me
  20. Shell of a Woman
  21. Pranks for Being Mine
  22. Dead Over Heels
  23. Late Patrol
  24. Shop 'n Scare
  25. Nowhere to Run (Part 1/2)

Bonus Content

  • Storyboards
  • Behind the Scenes: the making behind Penguinity War and Dead Over Heels
  • Sneak peek of Nowhere to Run (Part 2/2)
  • Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day from the staff.
  • CTAs of Flurry, Piper, Bell and Slimy
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