The Complete Seventy Fourth Season is a DVD collection contaning all 28 episodes from the seventy fourth season of HTFF.


  1. Crash and Burn
  2. Adoptable To Stand
  3. Paws For the Camera
  4. Don't Faucet
  5. Stick Your Tongue Out
  6. Secret Secrete
  7. Fair Feather
  8. Road Trippy
  9. Clone Home
  10. A Whole Lot of Bull
  11. It's The Tar Pits
  12. Shrike Two
  13. Shrike Three: You're Dead
  14. The Music Moves You
  15. I Ce What You Ment
  16. Noc-ed Out
  17. Hero, Horse and Who?
  18. That's Just Skate
  19. Did Ya Mist Me?
  20. Pearls Before Swine
  21. You're Fyred
  22. Rocky Bal Boa
  23. Arms and Both Legs
  24. Dino Friends
  25. Gag Me
  26. Dutch Oven
  27. Scarty of the Century
  28. Don't Leave Me Hanging

Special features

  • Commentary from the voice actors and actresses
  • Crash into Hello: The making of "Crash and Burn"
  • Eye-O-Rama: A variation of Vision-O-Rama where the episode featured in (again, "Crash and Burn") is instead given different interpretations depending on the character chosen to watch instead of mere visual differences. Characters featured: Polar, Grandma Wolf, Scarty, Lumpy
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