A DVD containing all episodes from season 77.


  1. Raymond Begins Part 2
  2. Happy CampFire
  3. Little Overgrowth
  4. Cabin into Blizzard
  5. Fear Actor
  6. Doppler Dealer
  7. Flip Flopped
  8. Talent Show-Off
  9. Catnip in the Bud
  10. Triple Trouble
  11. Badge of Scouts Honor
  12. Lantern It Go
  13. The Job with a Slob
  14. Accidentally Safe
  15. Paw And Order
  16. Tailure is Not an Option
  17. A Hole Lotta Fear
  18. Sunset of the Dead
  19. Caught on Camera
  20. Wingless Misery

Bonus features

  • CTAs for Cascade, Morton, Mix, Raylene and Big Buck.
  • Two Smoochies (Raylene's Ice Cream Smoochie and Paws' Loose Tooth Smoochie)
  • Commentaries
  • Bonus episode: Raymond Begins Part 1
  • The making of The Job With A Slob and Caught On Camera

Additional deaths

  • On the cover, Sunset is boiled by hot water (debatable).
  • On the back cover, Raylene is eaten by The Clams.

Additional injuries

  • On the cover, Raymond has her nose and flippers sliced off.
  • On the disc, Amp is crushed by an anvil.
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