The Complete Sixtieth Season is a DVD containing all the episodes of Season 60 of Happy Tree Friends Fanon.



  1. Cracker Land Part 2
  2. Mall to Stall
  3. Mussels and Bisects
  4. Swing Fly
  5. Disco Night
  6. Birthday Party Freak
  7. Kick News
  8. Let's Get Away
  9. The Poultry-geist
  10. Stake on the Barbie
  11. Jail Rabbit and Puppet
  12. Hand in Marriage
  13. Bun is in the Air
  14. Flesh From the Oven
  15. Garage Madness
  16. Tutorial Olympics

Special Features

  • Bonus episode: Cracker Land Part 1
  • CTAs for the Mousecrazy Siblings
  • CTA for Grandma Wolf
  • The creation of Hand in Marriage
  • Complete storyboard of Tutorial Olympics
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