The Complete Sixty Fourth Season is a DVD containing all the episodes from Season 64 of Happy Tree Friends Fanon.



  1. That's a Shabby Job
  2. Gerbil and the Walrus
  3. Mad Tea Party
  4. Strike Out
  5. Face the Music
  6. No Cana-duh
  7. Along Came A Spider
  8. Cricket Food
  9. Smokesperson
  10. The Emperor's New Robe
  11. Shrunken Heads
  12. Spy Drills
  13. Peaceful Penguins
  14. Laser Stifles
  15. Addict to New
  16. The King is Dead
  17. Hypo The Love Bear
  18. Boogy Wonderland
  19. Worm Wars
  20. Political Penguin Party
  21. Die for an Eye

Bonus Features

  • Drafts for unfinished episodes (The New Heroes Family and Stitch In Your Side).
  • Blooper reel
  • Behind the scenes
  • CTAs for Hatmmy, Maddy, Goose, Foster, Dopey, Gaston, Steathy, Mr. M, Mrs. M, Julietice M, Basilio M, Kingly, Nico and Tine
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