The Luck of Morobshi is a season 120 episode.


In a dessert store, Wawa and Candy are chatting with each other while drinking their soda juices. When their drinks are empty, Wawa throws them away into the street. Cuddles, who is seen driving a car, slips over the plastic cup and crashes into the dessert store, sending his body off to a blender where he is shredded into pieces. A bag of sugar spills into the rabbit's blood juice, along with some fruits. Souffle is unknowingly turning the blender on before pouring the juice into a plastic cup. She then gives it to Nutty.

While drinking the juice, the enormous amount of sugar triggers his sugar rush and he begins spinning around the store like a tornado, causing more and more chaos. Souffle, Muddy, and the other tree friends get sucked into it. Wawa and Candy, who are outside of the store, are chilling on the bench and watching the scene. The former draws a bunch of knives in her sketchbook and throws them into the tornado, which stops, killing everyone in it. But the chaos does not stop as Wawa makes their bodies explode in a giant blast, causing the town to blow up and everyone to get disintegrated, except Wawa herself.

The episode ends with her talking to the audience, "The moral of this story is no one is safe and everything is chaos."


  • Cuddles gets himself blended into juice.
  • Nutty, Souffle, and Muddy are stabbed by knives and have their bodies exploded.
  • Candy and the generic tree friends are blown away by the explosion's blast and disintegrated.


  • This marks the first time Wawa's new appearance/design is shown.
  • This is one of the episodes that break the fourth wall.
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