The Sailor Trip is an episode of Happy Tree Human???.

Starring Roles

  • Russell
  • Homer
  • 44


  • Kibble
  • Splendid (on a bumper sticker at Kibble's boat)


Kibble is having a garage sale. Homer sees the boat and then he buys it. Russell is fishing when his fishing pole gets stuck in Homer's boat motor. Russell and Homer then decided to go sailing, but 44 happens to hear them, so he wants to ruin it. 44 puts a shark on board, but the shark dies from the lack of water. 44 sees a sign. He turns it around. Russell and Homer scream as they're falling off a waterfall, but Kibble saves them because he is wearing a Splendid costume that can make him glide. 44 is mad. He yells on his boat, but he falls down the waterfall. Homer, Russell, and Kibble then continue their boat adventure.


  • Kibble has an "I am a Splendid fan" bumper sticker on his boat.
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