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The Squido Brothers are fan characters.


Inko is a red squid who is the leader of the gang and the cruel one. He is highly self-centered as shown by him forcing his brothers to do some actions for his plans like getting money from the bank or stealing, although he does punish his brothers when they fail or refuse to execute his plans.

Buster is a blue squid who is the obese one, he is a fat, lazy, stupid and a great singer. speaking of being obese, he even has a big mouth which gives him an ability to eat anything big or small like a godzilla or even a character. unlike Inko, he is good at being a inspector and Inko always uses him to execute his missions.

Polgo is a orange squid who is a tall one, he usually date girls and even a great flamenco dancer, which helps him avoid every security lasers that are in the museum, and that made Inko impressed and uses him too. despite being a dancer, he can't really sing unlike Buster.


Inko is sometimes nice, but is very mean and self-centered.

Buster can be friendly but sometimes being mean along with Inko.

Polgo is a pretty charming guy, and likes dating and flirting with girls. Like Buster and Inko, he is also one of them.


Kill Counts


  • Despite being squids, they look different to other squids like Inkus.
  • They are based off The Ghostly Trio from Casper the friendly ghost.









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