"The Third Kind of Art" is an episode of Happy Tree Friends Fanon. In this episode, Artsy and Painty meet Crafty, and they all cause mayhem!

Starring Roles

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A HTF School that is a tree with two windows and a single door is shown. Backpacks are shown on a wall. Then, some students are shown, including Cuddles and Giggles. Lumpy and Wooly are their teachers, and they both say that two new students are going to be in their class. The class becomes interested in this. Artsy and Painty then appear. They then see Crafty. They sit next to her, and class begins. Lumpy and Wooly talk, and the students do worksheets, like working on stuff that mean a lot to them. Josh (who is sitting next to Crafty) gets bored and asks Lumpy and Wooly to excuse him. Wooly said yes because of his stupidity and Josh goes outside to make a big picture of a biplane. When Josh finished his big picture, He shouts to Artsy, Painty and Crafty to go to the top floor to see in full view. Artsy, Painty and Crafty are amazed at the biplane. Suddenly, Handy sees the picture from his helicopter and decides to ride it so he jumps out of his helicopter but he splatters to pieces on the ground. Josh gasps and then Handy's helicopter crushes him. Artsy, Painty and Crafty screamed at Josh's death.


  • Handy jumps out of his helicopter and splatters on the hard ground.
  • Josh is crushed by Handy's helicopter.
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