The Tooth About Love is a HTFF episode.


Fizzles opens a soda can and gulps down her drink, immediately becoming hyper. Ellie greets Paws and Dexter until the latter two are killed by a spinning Fizzles. Ellie skates for her life as Fizzles pursues her. Roger is shown trying to pry open a door with a crowbar, when Ellie races by and he sees Fizzles heading his way. In an act of self-defense, Roger throws his crowbar at the spinning chipmunk, not only stopping her but destroying her teeth.

Dr. Quackery takes a look at the nature of Fizzles' injuries and decides only one thing can be done. After several minutes of agonized screaming and pain, Fizzles exits the clinic with all her teeth removed. In a state of melancholy, she licks her gums. Chompy accidentally bumps into her and gasps, covering his mouth afterwards. Fizzles soon becomes smitten with him because he also lacks teeth.

The two go on a date in an ice cream parlour. Sitting next to them are Stacy and Toothy with an ice cream sundae. Fizzles is envious about this until Chompy shares a milkshake with her. Once the drink is finished, Fizzles begins to jitter again. She spins towards Lumpy, causing his tall stack of ice cream scoops to topple over, knocking a hanging sign loose. One scoop lands on Chompy's tongue and gets stuck in his throat. He falls unconscious, causing Fizzles to pause with horror. The sign shortly falls on top of her.

Later, Dr. Quackery is shown making an adjustment, soon revealed to be Chompy fitted with Fizzles' skull, teeth and braces. Fizzles is seen next to him, now lacking a skull. Quackery remedies this by fitting a jack-o-lantern into her head. He then puts a lit candle in her mouth, quickly leading her whole head to burn.


  1. Paws and Dexter are shredded by Fizzles.
  2. Fizzles burns to death (not shown).


  1. Fizzles' teeth are destroyed and pulled out.
  2. Chompy chokes on ice cream.


  • This is the debut of Fizzles with her new design.
  • This marks the first time Roger survives an episode.
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