The Torur Tribe is a tribe that is from Africa and is full of strong warriors. 


Most of the Totur tribe members are stong and brave. The worship two "gods", Phatet, the god of the sun, creation, disaster/choas, fire, protection, war, and life, and Anusuis, the god of the moon, death, peace, water, justice, wisdom, and the afterlife. They live in Africa and are really strong but mostly peaceful. They don't get into wars a lot but when they do, they are most likely to win it. 

Most members seem to be bears, deers, pudus, porcupines, squirrels, beavers, or hybrids of said animals. They always have markings on their cheeks saying they're part of the tribe. The headdresses have a gem that determins the rank, green being the lowest, orange being second lowest, yellow being middle, red being second highest, and blue being highest. 

Known Members




  • The Torur tribes colors are yellow, orange, red. 
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