The Weakest Link is an episode of Season 32.





Pecky is seen seen wearing an electric collar and his beak is gagged with a mouth strap. He tries to peck the table, but the strap prevents him. He tries to pull the gag off, but it flies back and hits Ale in the face, causing her to flip out. Ale picks up a chain link and attaches it to Pecky's electric collar, attaching the other end to a moving fan blade. Seth, sitting next to the table, pulls out a tub of popcorn and watches it as if it were a movie. Pecky begins hanging on the the fan, and Ale turns it on. The fan begins spinning quickly, causing Pecky to smash into a nearby window. The window breaks, causing the glass to impale Seth in the faces. Seth tries to eat some more popcorn, but another shard of glass then impales him in the face. Hippy walks out and sees the aftermath, causing him to scream. Ale hears him and tosses him out the window. Hippy flies into a wood grinder, causing his blood to shoot out the other side. Nearby, Licky is listen to music, but several pieces of Hippy's bone slice through Licky's head, causing it to fall apart. Ale snaps out of it and releases the chain from Pecky's corpse, throwing it into the wood grinder. However, the chain flies out and smashes through Ale's chest.


"The chain is only as strong as its weakest link!"


  1. Pecky smashes into the window.
  2. Seth's head is impaled numerous times by the glass.
  3. Hippy is thrown into a wood grinder.
  4. Licky's head is sliced to pieces.
  5. Ale is stricken in the chest by the chain.


  1. Ale is hit by the strap.
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