Zebra guy

The Zebra is an unnamed character who makes cameos in some episodes.


Not much is known about him, except he is a criminal as shown by his clothing and that he was first seen in a prison (in Feeling Sharp). He also robbed a bank in That's Nonsense and was imprisoned again in That's the Law!.

In a typical episode, he makes background cameos. It is shown in Scars and Stripes he is responsible for vandalism by painting black & white stripes on objects such as Josh's art.

It is possible he could become a more central character in the future instead of simply making cameos.






  1. Crow Marmot: Probably dies from the snowstorm (debatable).
  2. A Millennium of Unfortunate Events: Shot with a firework at the same time as Cubey and Puffy, caused by The Mole.
  3. Old or New (Part 2): Falls off cliff.
  4. Free Pugs: Crushed by a piece of the restaurant.
  5. Flip Defense: Crushed by his chain ball on the game over screen.
  6. Identified Flying Object, Part 4: Crushed by his chain ball by Josh.
  7. Scars and Stripes: Beheaded by a tiger's claws.
  8. Jail Rabbit and Puppet: Drowns (debatable).
  9. Horse Power: Turned into glue.
  10. That Skinning Feeling: Killed by Poachy prior to episode.
  11. Wild Roots: Impaled by a sharp rock.
  12. I'm Re-zet-ting This: Stabbed with a glass shard.
  13. Convictus Games: Head smashed.


  • He is the first zebra in HTF form.
  • He is one of the few fan-made cameo characters who weren't in a poll (ala Vote or Die). Slender Loris qualifies, but is a spoof of Slenderman and not an original character.
  • He makes different expressions sometimes.
Ball Drop Beta The Zebra

The Zebra's name on the beta.

  • His name was put down as The Zebra in an achievement for Ball Drop (to get a head life) with Wooly in the beta version. In the full version, only Wooly's name is used.
  • So far, the only time he is seen unhidden and focused on camera is A Millennium of Unfortunate Events. This is also his first confirmed death.
  • He was featured in the WIZ (Who Is Zero) vote.
  • He is available for a limited amount of time on Tree Town Racing until beta testing is over. You can get him by completing 1st on the "Jail" track.


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