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    HTF1234 closed this thread because:
    Vote ended. The winner's Squabbles!
    08:08, June 30, 2019

    Poll has been closed. Thanks for voting!

    Here are the results:

    1. Squabbles: 5
    2. Vemonie, Ellie, Aye-Aye: 1
    3. Melvin, Peppery, Bongo (LOD), Chet: 0
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    • idk how most actually "tropical" unless you mean jungle/forest/safari.

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    • I actually lifted the animal list inspiration from here, so it's more like tropical forest animals. HTF is more about forest animals title-wise, so I don't see why not generalize this one.

      But do keep in mind that the list may not be scientifically correct, as I have difficulty finding a neat list with research evidence without going through the tedium of comparing the former with a separate source of the latter, which might as well take more time than actually deciding a new featured stuff.

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    • I voted Squabbles because he's the only one I recognize.

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    • wait since when ellie is tropical?

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    • From the list I linked above, antelopes are apparently tropical animals. It's not necessarily Ellie being tropical-themed. Just based on a tropical animal.

      Before you bring up the "themed after tropical animals" bit, it refers to the sample theme I used.

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    • ah okay

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