• HTF1234
    HTF1234 closed this thread because:
    Vote ended. The winner's Abra!
    01:21, February 29, 2020

    Poll has been closed. Thanks for voting!

    Here are the results:

    1. Abra: 5
    2. Doc: 2
    3. Amadeus, Andy, Cole, Bastion, Castles, Doc Hop: 0
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    • Oh btw, pretty busy lately and won't doing March's background(if it gonna be Abra, my thought would be more into her magician theme). I most likely do the banner or the wordmark though.

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    • I have the background ready this time (minus the character, which I'll add in shortly after the poll is closed), so don't worry about that. Actually, I just settled with a traced screenshot from "Double Whammy", specifically of the dreamy forest. I also have my wordmark ready, but it's rather basic, so if you have yours ready as well, feel free to apply that.

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