Tic Tac Toast is a HTF Fanon episode.

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At the park, Cuddles, Lumpy, Toothy and Giggles arrive to play around. Cuddles and Giggles rush over to the swings and start swinging while Lumpy and Toothy hop onto the teeter tooter. Toothy sits down first on the lowered side and Lumpy follows him by jumping on the raised side. The impact launches Toothy into the air, where he is suddenly sliced in half by a circular object. Lumpy, Giggles and Cuddles all scream in horror when Lumpy is then decapated by another circular object.

Giggles and Cuddles go to run but they run into Crosses who slices them inhalf with a large x. Crosses then walks into the middle of the park, where he meets Noughts who is holding two razor sharp o's. The two agnolige eachother and start fighting. The fight goes on and Crosses, slices off Noughts tail while Noughts cuts off Crosses, ears. Crosses swings at Noughts, who ducks, and his x becomes stuck to a tree. As Crosses attempts to pull his weapon free, Nought takes his chance and attacks him.

Noughts leaps at Crosses and at that moment, Crosses, gets his weapon free and slices Noughts in half. With his rival dead, Crosses cheers only for the tree to fall and crush him.


  1. Toothy is sliced in half by an O
  2. Lumpy is behead by an O
  3. Giggles, Cuddles and Noughts are sliced in half by Crosses.
  4. Crosses is crushed by a tree.
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