Tick is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Tick is a dull green rhinoceros. He is visually impaired and is often seen with his eyes shut. However, he is aided by a bird perched on his head. The bird guides him around; essentally acts like his eyes. Tick is somehow able to understand his bird's tweets and chirps. In fact, Tick's bird can even deter him from danger.

The main problem is that Tick's bird tends to come and go. When it's the latter, Tick is lost and blind. His sensitive ears will pick up anything that sounds like a bird, usually leading him to cause destruction as he follows that sound. Although Tick may unknowingly bump into things or characters in his path, he is overall a nice guy.






  1. Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Head sawed off.
  2. Otto-matic Hero - Drowns in the ocean.
  3. A Jynx Into Past Events - Ran over by roller coaster carts.


  • Figaro - 1 ("Ticked Off")
  • Nutty - 1 ("Ticked Off")
  • Poachy - 2 ("Ticked Off", "Barking Up the Wrong Tree")
  • Stacy - 1 ("Barking Up the Wrong Tree" along with Bark)
  • Giggles - 1 ("Otto-matic Hero" debatable; along with Squeeze)
  • Russell - 1 ("Otto-matic Hero" debatable; along with Squeeze)
  • Cotton - 1 ("A Jynx Into Past Events" along with Bushy)
  • Bushy - 1 ("A Jynx Into Past Events")
  • Jennifer - 1 ("A Jynx Into Past Events")
  • Jake - 1 ("A Green Christmas")
  • Jock - 1 ("Not a Fan of Sports")


  • The bird itself is not named, usually being referred to as Tick's bird.
  • Tick is friends with Hornless.
  • Tick's vision is supposedly worse than The Mole's, although there are still times where he is able to see certain things.
  • As of Season 107, he now wears a red football outfit, gaining an interest in contact sports.


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