Tide Pod is a Coral Reef Friends character.

Character Bio

Tide Pod is a porpoise with blue and orange markings on his face and belly. His eyes are also those colors.

Tide Pod is known for having a tendency to swallow (or try to swallow) things that are inedible and often hazardous. A common reason for this is because he mistakes it for something delicious, or otherwise to show off. Unsurprisingly, this usually gets him ill and in need of medical help.


  • He was originally a dolphin owned by MewandCompany. He was later given away and his species was changed.
  • Obviously, Tide Pod is based on the laundry detergent of the same name, which has become part of a recent dangerous trend in which people try to swallow them.
  • His name also refers to how his species live in the ocean and in groups called pods.
  • He is good friends with Wasabi due to their habit of swallowing non-food items.
  • He always smells like fresh laundry and frequently bathes.
  • As of January 3rd 2019, he is owned by KleptoZimaniac.


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