Time Flies When You're Having Fun is an episode of HTFF. It introduces Freddy Fly, a fly with wit.


The episode starts out with Sniffles, sitting by a tree, reading a book. Freddy then starts buzzing over Sniffles' head, irritating him. Sniffles then starts trying to smack Freddy with his arm. Freddy tells Sniffles to calm down, and introduces himself. The ants then steal the book Sniffles is reading, and tear it apart. Sniffles gets ticked off, and growls at the ants. Freddy notices, and asks Sniffles if he needs help. Sniffles nods. Freddy says he just might be able to help him out. We then cut to Sniffles' house, where Sniffles is building an ant animatronic. Freddy gets an idea, and pulls out some dynamite. Sniffles glances at the dynamite, and has a vision of the ants' house exploding, and the ants themselves dying. Sniffles is now grinning very widely. He laughs maniacally. We then cut to the next day. Sniffles puts the ant animatronic on the ants' home. Freddy is controlling it. He then makes it knock. The ants let it in. Freddy then presses a button. This button triggers the dynamite. However, it is a countdown. The ants hear ticking, and get scared. One of the ants then comes up with a plan. They leave out an ice cream for Sniffles, and a faulty apology note. Sniffles rips the note, and downs the ice cream. Sniffles then hears ticking coming from an unknown source. When Sniffles finds out it's inside himself, he says "Uh oh." and explodes. Freddy then looks displeased, and leaves.


"Don't bug others!"


  1. Sniffles ate the ice cream, which had the dynamite inside it, and exploded.


  • The title, "Time Flies When You're Having Fun", is a phrase that means that when you enjoy doing something, time seems to move faster.
  • The moral is a pun.
  • The ant animatronic is borrowed from Tongue in Cheek , but slighty rewritten.
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