To War! is a HTF Fanon episode.

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


Russell is at port, getting ready to head off with is crew, Lumpy and Flippy. As the trio gets ready, Flipper arrives at the port to go fishing, but he then spots the cannons on Russel's ship and they remind him of the war so he flips out. Now flipped out, Flippers jumps onto Russell's ship and latches onto Lumpy. Lumpy screams but is quickly silenced when Flippers snaps his neck. To make matters worse, the sight of Lumpy dieing, causes Flippy to flip out and attack Flippers. All this scares Russell and he lets out a loud yar before hiding in the captains courters.

Meanwhile, Spitfire flys by in a fighter plane and trys to ignor ethe dueling soldiers. Unfortunatly he spots a kite being flown by a nearby Pop and Cub, which looks like a stealth fighter. This causes Spitfire to flip out and he dives at Pop and Cub, shredding them with the planes propellers. After doing this, Spitfire begins shooting at Flippy and Flippers who manage to aviod the bullets as the shoot holes into the ship. As Flippy and Flippers continue to battle, Flippers fires a cannon at Flippy who jumps out of the way.

The cannonball smashes into the ships mast and it falls over, smacking into Spitfire's plane and making him start to crash. By now the ship has sunk mostly due to the holes in it and Flippers attemts to drown Flippy only for Spitfire's plane to crash into them both and explode.

The episode ends with Russell popping from the water and sighing at the destruction of his ship.


  1. Lumpy's neck is snapped.
  2. Pop and Cub are shredded by a propeller.
  3. Flippy and Flippers are hit by Spitfire's plane.
  4. Spitfire is killed when his plane explodes.
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