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Gender: Male
Likes: Watching classic Family Guy, The Simpsons
Dislikes: Watching modern Family Guy
Species: Porcupine
Color: Purple
Size: Same as Flaky
Friends: Everyone who doesn't flip out
Enemies: Everyone who flip out
Lover(s): Grass

Pine Scent

Kill Count: 4
Deaths: 14
Debut: Valentine's Day
Toad is a fan character. He is a purple hedgehog who debuted in the episode Valentine's Day.

Character Bio

Toad is a fun-loving hedgehog. Like his cousin, He loves sports, baseball, T-Ball, and football.  

Toad's Episodes

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  • Flaky: Cousin
  • Skylar: Good Friend


  • He's good at football.
  • He hangs out with Guddles, much like how Flaky hangs out with Cuddles.
  • It is revealed in Christmas Play Part 1 that he had an embarrasing past experience (being naked on stage) which gave him stage fright.
  • In the greek version of HTF Fanon, Toad is a female who's name is Kahan


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