Tobacco Run is a game made by RandomzSunfish23901.


In a short comic, Tine is seen dragging Nico into his office. He tosses all of Nico's tobacco products (and stuff in his office) out a window. Nico screams and smashes through the window, making Tine chase after him. After this comic, you get to control Nico, who needs to collect as many tobacco products as possible, while avoiding hazards and getting away from Tine. You get three lives, and bumping into certain hazards makes you lose one life. Your life indicated by a cigarette at the top right of the screen.


  • Cigarettes - These slow Nico down, but give him an extra life.
  • Chewing Tobacco - Speeds you up, and gives an extra live.
  • Knife - You can toss it down to stop Tine for three seconds due to his fear of sharp objects.
  • Super Cigarette - Gives Nico super-strength. He'll be able to smash through all hazards for a short amount of time.


  • Walls - Slow you down if you run into one
  • Ice cream truck - Same as the Walls
  • Sawblades - These make you lose a life
  • Loony - Will also chase after you if bumped into
  • Boulders - These could crush Nico, killing him instantly


  • If Nico escapes Tine, Tine slips on a cigarette and cracks his skull.
  • If Nico dies, Nico can be seen as a mutilated mush with a lit cigarette in his mouth.
  • If Nico gets caught, Tine can be seen holding Nico by his ear.


  • Nico can be sliced by sawblades, pecked to death by Loony, or crushed by boulders.
  • Tine cracks his skull after slipping on a cigarette. (GOOD ENDING)
  • Loony can explode upon being hit by Nico after collecting a Super Cigarette.
  • Cro-Marmot is blown up when his truck explodes by Nico after collecting a Super Cigarette. (death not seen)


  • This game is loosely based off of "Temple Run". It's also similar to "Aggravated Asphalt".
  • Cro-Marmot can be seen in the ice cream truck.
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