Tongue-o-War is a HTF Fanon game.


The goal of the game is to keep Sniffles from being pulled into the chasm by pulling Licky in, instead. The player controls Sniffles with the WASD keys and uses them to move him back. In order to win, the player has to press whatever key appears above Sniffles in order to keep him moving, if a mistake is made, Sniffles will stumble closer to the edge. If you win, Licky will fall down the chasm, and the same happens to Sniffles if you lose. When one of them falls, both tongues come undone and the loser splatters at the bottom of the chasm.


One Player

The player controls Sniffles, whose tongue is tied to Licky standing on the opposite of a small chasm. Move with the WASD keys.

Two Player

The second player controls Licky and uses the arrow keys to move. The goal for the second player is to beat Sniffles.

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