Tough Enough is a fanon episode of HTF. This episode introduces Sturdy the tough-skinned turtle, Squawkie the talkative parrot, and D.I.M. the death/danger calculating mechanical bear.
Bent knife

Flippy's knife finally met its match.






Sturdy, Squawkie, and D.I.M. are at a table in the park. Squawkie spots some crackers and flies to eat them, unaware that they belonged to Pierce. He tells Squawkie to go away, but the bird just kept copying him. Pierce gets so mad he chases after him. D.I.M. senses danger just as Squawkie hides behind Sturdy.

Pierce sees the only way to get to Squawkie is to go through Sturdy, so he tries to punch him, only to feel a pain in his hand. He keeps punching repeatedly to no avail. Eventually he resorts to throwing a rock at Sturdy, but it bounces off his skin and hits Flippy, causing him to flip-out. Flippy sharpens the rock and then impales Pierce with it.

D.I.M. runs off to hide, but Squawkie's big mouth challenges Flippy to get through Sturdy. Flippy grabs his knife, but bends it trying to stab Sturdy. Flippy searches his pocket for something stronger and pulls out a machete. As he tries to slice Sturdy, Ale catches sight of this and flips out as well. A passing Crazy flips out and arrives to join in the killing contest.

Ale runs over to assist Flippy in the difficult task, and Squawkie flies off to avoid her and Crazy. Rip and Torn spot the scene and flip out as well. They begin punching Study but he reamins unaffected. Torn bites on Sturdy's leg, but breaks his jaw. As he runs around in pain, a passing Perry flips out from seeing the blood. Perry charges and D.I.M. tries to warn everyone about the danger. Flippy, Ale, and Rip are stabbed by Perry's horns, while Torn dies of blood loss, and a running Crazy slips on the blood thus cracking his head. Perry then rams into Sturdy, only to crack his skull against his shell.

The blow leaves a crack on Sturdy's shell. Soon it breaks off and exposes Sturdy. D.I.M.'s siren goes off and Squawkie gets blinded by the sight of Sturdy in the nude. The iris closes on an embarrased Sturdy.


"Only hard work can break a rock."


  1. Pierce is impaled by a rock.
  2. Flippy, Ale and Rip are stabbed by Perry's horn.
  3. Torn bleeds to death.
  4. Crazy slips on Torn's blood and cracks his head.
  5. Perry's skull cracks against Sturdy's shell.


  • This is the debut of Sturdy, Squawkie, and D.I.M.
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