Toys and Girls is a HTFF episode.


Zet returns home to give his daughter a gift. Samantha opens it the box to reveal it is Huggly. She hugs her new teddy with joy, unaware of Huggly's sentience. Another policeman, Lumpy, drops off his nephew for Zet to babysit, along with a box of donuts as a reward. Gooby tries to lay his hand upon Huggly, only for Samantha to viciously shoo him off. After Lumpy leaves, Salvia appears at the doorstep and Zet lets him inside.

Samantha places Huggly down to play with Salvia. Huggly glares at the two enviously. Samantha is called by her father, so she leaves for a moment. Salvia curiously approaches Huggly, who suddenly tosses a block at him. Salvia becomes horrified of the living toy and flees.

In the kitchen, Zet dines on his donuts, when Salvia tells him about Huggly. He looks to see the stuffed panda laying motionless and ignores Salvia. As soon as he is alone, Huggly kills Zet by shoving donuts down his throat. Then he picks up the cop's taser gun and searches for Salvia, only to reassume inactivity when he hears someone approaching.

Gooby picks up Huggly and plays with him. Samantha demands he put her down down, but Gooby runs out the door, Samantha giving chase. The two begin tugging on Huggly to the point where he tears in half. Samantha bursts into tears while Gooby disposes of Huggly's halves. Alone again, Huggly looks for a way to stitch himself back together. Sweetitches happens to be nearby. Huggly slowly crawls toward her before quickly bringing her down.

Salvia hides in the bathroom, when he hears a knock on the door. It turns out to be Huggly, who has reassembled himself with some of Sweet's stitching. Holding one of Sweet's horns as a weapon, he lunges at Salvia. Acting fast, Salvia dodges and Huggly lands in the toilet bowl. Salvia shuts the lid and flushes. Upon reopening the lid, he finds that the killer teddy has been reduced to stuffing, so he sighs in relief. However, the toilet backs up and shoots the jackalope horn into Salvia's head.

Meanwhile, Gooby discovers Sweet desperately trying to stitch herself back together. She tells Gooby to find help, giving him an idea. Samantha sits saddened, when Sweet, fixed up with duct tape, encounters her. Overjoyed by the giant toy-like being, she gives Sweet a big hug that causes the jackalope's guts to spill out, scaring her away. Gooby now returns to claim Sweet as his own toy.


  1. Zet is choked to death.
  2. Huggly is grinded by the toilet flush.
  3. Salvia is pierced by Sweet's horn.
  4. Sweetitches dies of blood loss.


  • This marks the debut of Gooby's new design.
  • The title is a pun on Boys and Girls.
  • Dokane is seen on the donut box Lumpy gives to Zet.
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