Trappy Feet is a HTF fanon game.



"Munchkin has discovered his inner talent and dances his feet off. Or he will be if he doesn't look out for the traps Spot has laid! Help Waddles get rid of the hazards and keep Munchkin on his toes."


The player must get rid of the traps before Munchkin steps in them. Otherwise he would lose lives. At some point in the game, Spot will run towards the little penguin, which is when the player can drop an icicle on him. But be sure that Munchkin isn't hit by the icicle or that too would cost lives.

The game ends when Munchkin loses all three of his lives. The game over screen shows Spot about to eat a plate of penguin legs.

This game is played exclusively by clicking the mouse.


  • This game is based on the episode Happy Tree Feet. Both are a reference to the film Happy Feet and its 2011 sequel.
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